It snowed in Paris today. Angelina Jolie took one of the Holy Twins to sanctify the snow. Don’t ask me which one this is. The photo agency said it was the Chosen One. At least I know enough that it’s not her. But distinguishing between the two heavenly J-Pitts requires an interest that I simply don’t possess. You all are know-it-alls though. I’m sure you’ll tell me.

What I do like about these images is that she changed to flats to carry around her kid. She was also spotted in heels earlier in the day heading to promote The Tourist. I don’t understand those crazy people who totter around in stilettos with their babies in their arms.

Oh but her skinny ass f-cking legs. Gross.

To cleanse your palette, I’m attaching the steezy Shiloh pictures from yesterday when she went with her ma to the aquarium in zebra boots. Future style icon.

As for The Tourist, The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Tron: Legacy is tracking very poorly, well below expectations. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll tank, but it’s not a good sign. Similarly The Tourist is coming in weak as well. Yogi Bear (Sarah calls it Pedobear) however is apparently buzzing really, really well.



I hate people.

Photos from and KCSPresse/