It’s the second post about them today but I had to because a few weeks ago some agencies identified Knox Leon Jolie Pitt as the Chosen One Shiloh Jolie Pitt and there was all this back and forth about whether or not it was KL or the Chosen and today Angelina stepped out on the balcony with both of them and this is the only reason I can tell them apart.

KL is obviously the one she’s holding (unless she’s holding Vivienne, which isn’t impossible considering the point of this post) and you can see the Shiloh in a few of the shots standing in the background and then squatting to get a better look at the scenery while chewing on a snack. Or wait, maybe that’s Vivienne? The photo agency says Shiloh. We’ll go with Shiloh. These Brange genes, right? The kids look totally the same. And the Jolie is super super beautiful right now too. I like her with thicker hair and soft fringe. Am jealous of the soft fringe. But the soft fringe can’t happen in my 30s. It’s very bad luck. Angie really should grow it out as soon as she can.

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