Angelina Jolie covers the new issue of Entertainment Weekly as Maleficent. The movie comes out at the end of May. With all this talk of Unbroken and her early, early Oscar campaign, I almost forgot about Maleficent which has the potential to do some big, big box office. So, you realise, in 2014, Angelina Jolie could own the box office and be on her way to another Oscar? It’s like they trade off, she and Brad. 2013 was about him, WWZ, and 12 Years A Slave. Now it’s her turn. And when she does it, she plays hard, which means we all win. A lot of Brange is a victory for Gossip.

The interview, to me, isn’t all that interesting EXCEPT for the part where she talks about the Chosen One Shiloh. Vivienne is in the film as the young Princess Aurora who grows up to be Ellen Fannings and apparently the reason why Vivs had to do it was because the Jolie was scaring the child performers who were coming in to read for the part. When the Jolie herself agreed to take the part, she decided to tell all her kids why she was doing it. It was like story time. Mother Jolie gathered them around the fire and made it seem like a secret:

“I said, ‘Let me tell you the real story but you can’t tell anybody,’ So this was my test too, like any parent. The next day, I heard Shiloh getting into a fight with another kid, defending Maleficent, saying, ‘You don’t understand her!’ They got into a bit of an argument and I thought, that’s the reason to do the film.”

Do I believe that this happened the very next day? That Shiloh threw down for Maleficent just hours after the campfire chat? Of course not. But I think it’s funny that it was Shiloh who was the one “getting into a fight”. Because Angelina’s given us details like that about Shiloh before. She has 6 of them and this is the one who brings home dead birds and breaks appliances and gets called to the principal’s office for showing the other kids how to look for dirty pictures online. Ha!

I remember Duana was the one who pointed it out to me first. When they were much younger, even before Shiloh found her steeze, Angelina’s hand was always around her wrist. By contrast, she never had to do the same with Miss Zahara. And Duana was like – that’s the kid you have to hang on to because if you don’t, she’ll be in the bulk food aisle in the grocery store throwing peanuts everywhere.

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