Have you seen the full-length version of Angelina Jolie’s Mon Guerlain ad yet? The title of the piece is Notes Of A Woman. It’s a montage of Angelina, sitting by the window, walking through the vineyard (presumably not Chateau Miraval), in her pyjamas maybe practising a speech. At times she’s bathed in the most beautiful bright light, twirling in the sunshine. She’s smiling – the kind of smile that says she’s free and full of possibility. The imagery is gorgeous. But all of this is cut around a hot guy who’s supposed to be a chemist, blending together her scent. When you watch this, do you find yourself wondering if they will hook up? Like, why is he even there?

Angelina’s Mon Guerlain campaign is part of the brand’s big push for a bigger share of the fragrance marketplace. Laurent Boillot, the chairman and CEO of Guerlain told the LA Times that they’ve “never invested so much in a fragrance (launch)”. So this deal with Angelina is not a small thing. She’s donating her income from the partnership to charity but for her and for the label this seems like it’s more than just money. Mon Guerlain is “meant to put the brand’s name at the forefront” – in other words, this is also about influence and whether or not her involvement can power a brand. The LA Times reports that they’re expecting the fragrance to generate almost $75 million USD in the first year.

Also worth noting – Angelina directed the ad alongside Terrence Malick who directed Brad Pitt in The Tree Of Life. Terrence Malick is known to be quite particular. When I say “quite” I mean “EXTREMELY”. He tinkers with his work forever. And he’s selective about what he does. So… I guess not everyone in Hollywood hates her? Then again, I’m not sure anyone would call Terrence Malick “Hollywood”. Which is perhaps what he and Angelina have in common. Her personal messaging has always been that even though she’s one of the biggest movie stars in the world, she is also not fully immersed in that world.