Angelina Jolie presented her film In The Land Of Blood And Honey last night in Washington, DC with Brad Pitt by her side, naturally. She wore a grey coat. It reminded me of a better grey coat she wore a couple of years ago, almost exactly, when she and Brad were out hustling for Benjamin Button. Click here to see. It was 2009. They were both nominees.

Anyway, my point was, how many grey coats do you think Angie owns? Does she keep them all? Or does she give them away? Also, can she please stop wearing satin shoes?

After the screening, the Brange went out for dinner where they finally relaxed. Probably enjoyed a few glasses of wine. They were in a great mood, chatty and laughing as they left. She, in particular, looks really, really fresh and, what’s that cheesy word, luminous lately, non?

Angie’s peaking in time for award season. Remember, she was working the Academy last week, and in Palm Springs, and with 3 days to go, she’s hoping to squeeze through when ballots are due on Friday.