New fairy tale?


It’s the Brange girls.

Pax and his mother accompanied Miss Zahara and The Chosen One to Toys R Us in France. New photos of a smiling Angelina and her adorable children are driving down productivity among Brangelunatics today as they’ve collectively fallen on the ground to await orders from Shiloh’s holy sword.

Shiloh’s style is badass, non? That hat… it kills me.

As does the expression on Miss Z’s face. She is through with you.

Through. With. You.

Angelina recently visited a Somali refugee camp as part of her ongoing efforts to bring awareness to the plight of refugees in Somalia. This after a trip with Miss Zahara to her native Ethiopia while Brad Pitt looked after the rest of them back in Kenya.

But now everyone’s wondering when the Twins will make a grand reappearance. They will when their parents decide it’s time. Strategy, always strategy.

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