Angelina took Maddox, Pax, and Miss Zahara to an art store in New York without the Chosen One. Before the internet child protection agency could move in to accuse her of hating her biological child though, Angie moved to strike first today in New Orleans bringing out the Shiloh for a little family walk.

You will note, Maddox (probably at school?) was not present… but then again, no one really cares about the coloured kids. Only the blonde one gets her own magazine covers. Which is why everyone is losing their sh-t now over the new Chosen One photos…

Bet your boob job web traffic actually spikes when she’s around.

If however you do actually care about the other kids, note Pax’s adorable little coveralls. And the way he’s holding his sister’s hand. And of course Miss Z herself whose personality is so big she always steals every photo.

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