It's not just Russell Crowe who has anger issues...only he was stupid enough to beat down a dude who didn't have to survive in the business.

This ferocious lady who in these circles has always been known to be a difficult bitch keeps her attacks, with a few exceptions (like if you make the mistake of not getting out of her way quickly enough at the airport), restricted to those who have to work around her. Like PAs and caterers, makeup artists. Whichever minion catches her in a bad mood and depending on the crime, it could result in an open hand slap to the face, throwing coffee all over someone's pants, and most recently, when craft services wasn't up to her exacting standards, stalking up to an unsuspecting staffer, ripping the phone out of his ear, and screeching to the person on the other line: "you've been talking to a retard who can't do his job."

Apparently her episodes have been getting more and more violent, so much so that the director and producer on her current project have had to call in reinforcements: her husband is now travelling with her to calm her now legendary temper but also to look after the little one, who has been exposed on more than a few occasions to her viotriolic outbursts. So's working. Everyone is relieved but also extra, extra cautious. Calm before the storm.