It just reminded me of the black rubber suit dude on that show. And I don’t even watch the show. But that character has been on so many magazine covers and blogged about so many times you can’t get away from it. And when she walked onto the carpet, covered in black, all the way up her neck and down to wrists, with that heavy fringe closing everything off, and the lights giving it that gleam, it’s all I could think of.

This is not to say I don’t like Anna Faris because I do. And I really like Chris Pratt. I met Chris Pratt at the TCA winter press tour last month. We were standing around outside the hotel and he and his publicist introduced themselves to me like normal people awkwardly standing around and he didn’t assume I knew he was on a cult-turned-hit comedy and he didn’t walk around like he was a dude who’d just made a movie with Brad Pitt, and, endearingly, he even told me he wasn’t invited to the Golden Globes because there was only so much room at the Moneyball table. So to see him at the Oscars... I was really, really happy for him, and for them, and so I’m sorry, so sorry to associate them with a Ryan Murphy television show. They don’t deserve it.