Sh-t. There was a lot of bad hair last night.

A deserving win for Anna Gunn, no doubt. A deserving sweep for Breaking Bad, certainly. The bottom half of this dress annoys me though. I just wish it wouldn’t. Why couldn’t it have stayed the same? Imagine all that beaded pretty all the way down?

And these extensions.

Emily made the call – it’s totally Daisy Fuentes. You ever seen those commercials? Picture a giant elastic band and hair stuck onto it. Hair on, hair off. Hair on, hair off.

Hair on, hair off!!!

It freaks me out!

Daisy says you’re not supposed to see it. OK but when Anna was up on stage, I could see it. I could see her shorter layered hair on both sides, and I could see that it didn’t quite go with the party happening at the back. God help me if I end up on line behind someone with one of these hair on, hair off bands. Because how do you resist the urge to pull? Look at this!