This is gonna hurt me more than it hurts you. Because I love Anna Kendrick, and she is already awesome and poised on the tip of so much more: Pitch Perfect 2. Boom. Into The Woods. Boom. The Last Five Years – it’s going to be huge. There is every reason to believe Anna Kendrick is going to be a serious contender in at least the musical if not acting categories next year – so she has 364 days to get it going.

She is small. This does not mean she has to accept dresses that are somehow childish. The J Mendel she had on had way too damn much happening. Mesh. Beaded waist. An Angelina Jolie leg. Weird banding that looks like an 80s throwback. Whyyyy?

I feel like Kendrick’s one issue is that she really seems to want to look, like, appropriate or grown up. Never wants to risk being seen as a child or a slacker 20something. But this? This looks like the worst of the after-Christmas sale racks at Le Chateau circa 97 (which I believe roughly translates to a Delia’s/Hot Topic hybrid). She can do so much better!

Anna. First of all, stop googling yourself. Not necessary. But if you are reading – how about something in an unusual colour that’s still a classic shape?  Think about that penny-coloured sequined column Anne Hathaway wore. If you feel like you’d be overwhelmed, how about a silver tank shift or something? Go for less is more. See what happens. Maybe start shopping in December. Think about it?