She is indeed 25. And last night she turned up at an event called 25 at 25 with Elle and Express. So I guess it’s fitting. Kendrick talked about the quarter century milestone in an interview Flaunt Magazine a couple of months ago:

“I was thinking about driving across the State because I’ve never done that. That’s something you’re supposed to do, right?” But there’s a little sadness in her tone, and you realize she’d actually rather be on set than playing the part of a carefree girl in her early 20s. “Now I’m in a place where not working is the thing I’m supposed to do, when working is what I really want to do. But you just have to be careful so you can work for the rest of your life. You can’t say yes to everything, I guess.”

I say this all the time – the life of an actor is so f-cking weird. You can go long, long stretches and not have anything to do, anything to wake up to. I mean, for us it seems like a great break, sure, when we trudge through our sh-t all the time, it’d be nice to just check out frequently as part of your actual existence. But after, oh say, let’s be generous and say 6 weeks of it, after that, I don’t know, for me, the structure-less of it would make me crazy.

Of course being able to read all the time, with all the time in the world, and travel and learn and see, of course that’s an enviable attraction, of course that’s a benefit. But for them, remember, their insecurity precludes them for actually enjoying a break. Many of them only feel their true value when the camera is rolling. So imagine how it must be, in between jobs, idle, idle, idle, idle, no work, no work, no work... what’s up Kate Bosworth?

Obviously Bosworth is not Kendrick. Kendrick has a lot of opportunity ahead and clearly has a strategy about how to properly manage her career. It’s so easy to piss on your great accomplishments with one sh-tty move.

Click here to read the article. I hate the photos though. Anna Kendrick doesn’t need to be shot 70s Playboy style reclining on a divan with her mouth open. Gross.

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