Last night at the Costume Designer’s Guild Awards, Anna Paquin and Emily Blunt showed up dressed for cocktail. Look at those legs on Paquin. Sex.

This wasn’t a major event like a premiere or a Golden Globe style awards show. There was a standard step and repeat carpet, no live cameras, nothing super high profile. So Paquin and Blunt chose appropriately. They are more seasoned than Anna Kendrick.

Because Anna Kendrick came with a train. Anna Kendrick pulled a Kate Beckinsale. Or, more likely, her stylist urged her to pull a Kate Beckinsale. Major overdress. Beckinsale blows her load early because she doesn’t get an invitation to the big shows. Kendrick however is a nominee. She is headed for the Kodak in a week. She has something to build towards...

But last night it was like it was her final opportunity. In a delicate white Elie Saab. WITH A TRAIN. Shame. And it’s not her fault, of course not. Throughout this awards season the selections have been suspect. Someone is doing her a disservice. Anna K deserves better. I’m just saying a Best Supporting Actress contender should merit some proper sartorial management.

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