Appropriate, right? The Monique Lhullier? Evocative for Cinderella? I didn’t hate it, but never was there an outfit that could have cried out more for a red lip! I don’t think Anna Kendrick is a little girl or anything but sometimes the whole red carpet thing is like “neither I nor my stylist knows how to deal with the fact that I’m short and small so… here’s my very serious grown up hair”. I did not see a single photo where she was grinning or in any way indicating that this was hilarious. She looked Very Serious.

Another no-show inside the theatre – I get that we need as many shots of Jennifer Aniston looking apprehensive as we can get – but it does tend to feel like anything that isn’t blonde with big boobs (or Meryl) gets zero camera time inside. Which makes sense, given that this is the HFPA.