There’s been very little promotional participation from George Clooney for Up in the Air. He’s leaving that to his girlfriend and his supporting cast. There is strategy involved here and also George, like is friend Brad Pitt, really doesn’t have to hustle like other players do. This is why he’s one of the Top 5 in the world. With the status comes certain exemptions.

Despite the lack of face time from the film’s major star however, Up in the Air continues to buzz on the strength of excellent reviews as its supporting cast is now making the talk show rounds in support of the movie approaching its wide release later this month.

As I’ve been saying since TIFF, this is my favourite of the year. Click here if you missed my review. Up in the Air is so f-cking good. You must.

So here’s my girl Anna Kendrick visiting Letterman last night continuing to ride the acclaim. And as I noted (gloat warning!) months and months ago, she is one to watch, a dark horse in the Supporting race, going girl to girl with George and more than holding her own. My only worry, as I mentioned following my interview with her at TIFF, is that she’s disappearing. Too thin, Anna. Beef up.

Jason Bateman was also in New York yesterday appearing on Alexa Chung and The Today Show. I endeavour to post about JB every chance I get. He plays Clooney’s boss in the movie and their chemistry is charming too, as is JB’s chemistry with almost everyone. He’s adorable.

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