She’s the only member of the Twilight cast who’ll be considered for an Oscar this year and Anna Kendrick arrived in Vancouver yesterday after a triumphant appearance in London in support of Up In The Air for a few final days on set of Eclipse. She looks great, non? Especially after such a long flight.

Anna is in town to work on the graduation party which will shoot at the Cullen House. Interesting note for the fans, and a freebie here for the jockriding old tour lady who doesn’t know how to credit, during New Moon the Cullen House interiors were filmed at a local residence. This time around, for whatever reason, they decided to build the sets in studio instead. Not cheap but at least it keeps the actors away from the riffraff and the stalkers, the Twi-Hards local and international who seem to have all the time in the world to be at every location every day, waiting for hours outside the hotels, eager to pounce on their favourites.

Many of you are quick to pounce on the paps. Indeed, there are a few instances, like following the actors inside their hotels, where they go too far. But by and large, and this comes straight from celebrity handlers, it’s not photographers that they’re terrified of. Photographers may be a nuisance but their objective is transparent. Because photographers want photos. It’s obvious and it’s PREDICTABLE. What’s less obvious and, more dangerously, what’s less predictable is what That Fan wants. That Fan’s weapon can be much more sinister than a camera. Pattinson is lucky he escaped after that strangle attempt in New York. It could have been a lot worse. And you can’t tell That Fan to f-ck off. That’s the problem. No one cares if you blow off a pap. But the minute you blow off That Fan, it’s bad for business.

Needless to say, the sane ones overwhelmingly outnumber the lunatics. But how do you tell them apart?

Anna Kendrick says that George Clooney gave her a few tips on how to remain undercover when you don’t want to be found. She’ll need to start putting them to use very soon. The buzz is getting louder and louder.

A new clip centred around her character from Air has just been released.

Exclusive photos from PUNKD Images