Anna Kendrick’s biggest splash to date has been the scene stealer in Twilight. Everyone I know who was forced to see it, and came away feeling dumber and ashamed, everyone noted that its few non-cringe moments were provided by Anna Kendrick. She’s charming.

There are brighter days ahead for Anna Kendrick. She doesn’t need Robert Pattinson. Because she’s working with George Clooney and unless you’ve lobotomised by Edward Cullen’s dazzle dust, you know that George Clooney >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Robert Pattinson.

The film, as mentioned earlier, is called Up In The Air. Directed by Jason Reitman. Anna has been nominated for a Tony Award, has already completed The Marc Please Experience with Ben Stiller and Jason Schwartzman, plays Stacey Pilgrim in the much anticipated Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, and has landed on several “ones to watch” lists even BEFORE her headlining features have been released.

This is a girl many people have been talking about.

Earlier this week, before arriving in Vancouver to shoot more scenes for New Moon (photos to come), Anna was in Omaha, Nebraska with Clooney/ Am told she was the sweetest, sat with the crew and the extras at lunch, very humble, totally unassuming, and can more than hold her own with George.

This is Anna yesterday before heading to work late night on set of New Moon in Vancouver. Set photos on the way.

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