What a night for Musical Theatre Nerds! We are legion and we are getting ever stronger. And it surprised nobody that if you’re doing a musical sequence, you get Anna Kendrick to come on board and pick things up. And Anna Kendrick will deliver for you, no matter what. I mean if I were being demanding, I would say that I wish she’d done something other than cutesy Cinderella – there are very few people who are going to see The Last Five Years and know that she can sing in a modern way. And I mean, Anna Kendrick is doing fine, she doesn’t need me to be worried about her career. But I think, in a situation where she’s doing her musical theatre thing, and kicking it with Jack Black, and holding it down (very low down…to the ground…short people amuse me) with Kevin Hart, I just think maybe she should negotiate that she gets to tell a dirty joke or two in her Cinderella getup so people who don’t know don’t think she’s Anna Hathaway.

Also, she was markedly happier onstage than on the carpet. I’ve never seen her enjoy a carpet, per se. Maybe she would in a different dress?