What Duana said about Pitch Perfect 2 in the Elizabeth Banks MET Gala post yesterday? (Click here for a refresher) Co-sign. Pitch Perfect was one of my Top 10 movies of 2012. I can’t wait. We’ve been planning who we’re going with for months.


Like, aca-scuse me, I don’t mean to scold, but I’m not feeling the same excitement from you. And if this is not a true statement, I need to hear you. Because for all the bitching and complaining that we do about representation in Hollywood, this is the movie that checks all our boxes.

It’s directed by a woman.

It’s written by a woman.

Women are the stars.

Diverse women are the stars.

And they support each other.


I don’t even need to see it and I can tell you it’s good already.

Here’s Elizabeth Banks flying out of JFK in Mickey Mouse and Anna Kendrick promoting the movie in London today and in Madrid yesterday.