Non vampire arrivals yesterday in Vancouver as Michael Welch, Justin Chon, Anna Kendrick, and Christian Serratos are now in town for Eclipse.

Christian Serratos – crazy ass gorgessity. Damn. That skin is ridiculous.

As for Anna Kendrick – while the Twilight franchise might seem like the end all and be all for Twi-Hards, for Anna Kendrick is doesn’t even come close in prestige compared to what she has next: Up In The Air which will celebrate its highly anticipated debut at the Toronto International Film Festival. Advance buzz for Air has been very, very good. Too good. Must control the hype.

It was a coveted role. Every young actress wanted it. Shelfy Jessica Biel probably wanted it. Please bitch, stay around the corner.

Anna Kendrick was the choice of director Jason Reitman and she goes head to head with George Clooney. Word is Clooney delivers a nominee-worthy performance, and his wonderful chemistry with Kendrick supposedly adds to the appeal of his character.

Kendrick is one of three silhouettes featured in the film’s poster and if you believe some of the script reviews – click here but beware of spoilers! – it’s her part and their relationship that is the catalyst in the evolution of Clooney’s character.

Could be a star-making turn. And if Up In The Air lives up to its buzz Anna Kendrick will be all over the carpets during awards season. The film opens in December 4th. More good news? Now that Paramount has pushed Shutter Island back to 2010, the studio can focus publicity and marketing on its two high hopes, The Lovely Bones and Up In The Air.

Sorry…was this supposed to be about Twilight? More on that tomorrow.

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