This skirt is delightful. Is it zebra print? Wait let me Google. Yes, it appears to be. I get confused sometimes which print belongs to which animal because I’m an ignorant f-ck. Is there a cheat sheet for this?

Anyway, this outfit is terrific and I like the shoes too. They are the perfect shoes to hide toe cleavage. Is toe cleavage a thing for you? Because it became a big thing for me last weekend when I was out with Jacek. We were shopping, which I don’t normally do with him but since we were out of town, I couldn’t get rid of him. He insisted on coming and he insisted on giving his opinion even though his opinion was not solicited and not welcome. I was trying on shoes. These ones:

I thought they looked good. Jacek, however, would not f-cking shut his ass about the toe cleavage. I kept telling him – everyone has toe cleavage, that’s just how they make shoes now. And I’m always going to have toe cleavage because I have abnormally long toes and an extra-abnormally long second toe, like ET-shaped. And besides, toe cleavage doesn’t bother me, on myself or anyone else. Do you really judge people on toe cleavage? I don’t even notice toe cleavage. We debated this for over an hour, because we have been married almost 15 years and what else is there to talk about?

I have since discovered that there is a blog dedicated to toe cleavage appropriately tilted the Toe Cleavage Blog. If there is a blog dedicated to it, with photos celebrating it, I’m pretty sure the conclusion here is that toe cleavage is fine, for f-ck’s sake.

Hard turn: Anna Kendrick’s book, Scrappy Little Nobody, comes out in November, around the same time as the movie Trolls. Prediction: Anna Kendrick’s book will be way less annoying than Trolls. Reason: there’s no Justin Timberlake.

Also attached – Anna with Pippy in London today for Trolls.