Well she’s not a tennis player, has never in fact been one, and now she’s no longer married to Enrique Iglesias – what will Anna do?

On the eve of the release of his new album, Enrique has revealed that he and Anna are no longer together. Long rumoured to have been married, the two refused to confirm it when they were still a couple. But now that he has a project to promote, and given that his fan base is based solely on the ability to conjure sex through his songs, the mole-less Enrique is reasserting his latin hotness through single status, leaving Anna’s future much in doubt.

There is of course the calendar work and the prospect of a minor scandal as a result of possible anorexia, but given that there are models and actresses with legitimate paying gigs sharing the same attributes, the Enrique-less Anna seems just one in a million.

Someone needs a new famous boyfriend.

For your viewing pleasure, an Anna/Enrique PDA retrospective. Love the one where he’s digging up into her ass. Hotness.