Despite rumours earlier this year that they had split, Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias are clearly still together and appear to be going strong. Used to abhor their public fondling sessions. Now, having seen everyone else’s bare cooch one too many times, actually kinda miss the sight of them grinding off each other in bold daylight.

Here they are in Miami – she showing off her bones in a bikini which looks like underwear to me and he admiring her ribs.

She doesn’t play tennis, even when she was playing tennis she wasn’t playing tennis, and she isn’t trying to be an actor (thank Buddha), and she isn’t trying to be a singer (praise Jesus)… so…

What … exactly….does she do???

Never mind. In today’s celebrity landscape, that was a stupid f&cking question.

PS. Note the ring on her finger. Still married, yes?