True Blood Season 4 premieres on HBO and HBO Canada on June 26th at 9pm. Here are Anna Paquin and Ryan Kwanten in LA yesterday heading to set. Good to see that Jason Stackhouse’s uniform still consists of a beater tank.

Anyway, have you seen the trailer yet? It’s below, full of clues about what to expect this year. More witches, shapeshifters, Nan Flanagan’s around – good! – and so far no word about Arlene and the devil in her womb which, frankly, I wish they’d stop trying to make Arlene happen as a primary person because, really, who cares?

I guess one of the challenges for the writers is to find that balance between making the audience wait and giving them what they want. I’m talking of course about Sookie and Eric finally doing it. Maybe they’ll put that off by having Sookie do it with Alcide. I don’t really get hard about that. But I do wonder whether or not I’ll still watch when and if Sookie and Eric do finally f-ck. Kinda like how the challenge is more fun than the actual accomplishment.

Or, that said, they could be like Blair and Chuck on Gossip Girl, and I’m down with that game too.

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