Anna Paquin and her fiancé Stephen Moyer were out this weekend with his daughter Lilac at trapeze. Duana used to trapeze every Friday. She says it’s great exercise. Very challenging core work.

Before moving on to last night’s episode, a quick word on whether or not Anna is a homewrecker. Have received a few emails about this after Star Magazine reported that Stephen left his long time lover Lorien Haynes to be with Paquin and that Lorien was bitter.

Star Magazine is full of ass.

From now on, if the source is Star Magazine, walk in the opposite direction.

This is Lorien Haynes last week bike riding with Anna and Lilac. This is a very flattering article written by Haynes, a journalist, about Anna last month, including details about her relationship with Stephen. It seems very civilised, non? The split supposedly happened well before Stephen met Anna. And on the very very off chance that it didn’t, they don’t seem to be interested in correcting that. Nothing smutty here. Sorry.

As for what happened last night…

Bill and Sookie are marginally more likeable when they’re apart.

Jason and Andy need their own show.

Please stop wasting time on MaryAnn. Who the f-ck cares about this storyline? FIVE EPISODES TOO LONG.

Lafayette’s tenderness makes up for Sookie the Golden Child and her annoying Wonder Hand.

Hoping next week will involve Eric f-cking the Queen Evan Rachel Wood. I’ve decided he’s too good for the boring Sook.

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