Check out pregnant Anna Paquin on the Summer cover of FASHION. The photo shoot happened a month ago before Paquin went public with her baby news. They say though that stylists and magazine people always know first because of what happens during the fittings. We’re a month away from Season 5 of True Blood. I’ve still not decided if I’ll continue with it especially since the last two have been so exhaustingly uneven. Also I hate boring Alcide. And for some reason, I guess because he looks good with his shirt off, they’re keeping him around. Don’t you think it would have been more interesting to have had him killed instead of his girlfriend? Now there’s a bitch I’d do more with.

Happily, so they say, vampires are back in the primary spotlight this time. No more Petunia Dursley, thanks God. There will be many benefits to the emergence of the Vampire Authority and one of them, hilariously, is the alleged improvement of Sookie’s style:

“This year, we are going to see inside the vampire authority,” Paquin (tells FASHION), hinting at scenes that demand more rich textures and lavish costumes as the show focuses on the places where the fanged elite meet. “The vamps will wear really hot clothes, and Sookie may need to step up her style. We already saw this in season two, where she began to try and live in a sophisticated, big-city world she knows very little about, and her outfits reflect that.”

Finally True Blood gets the Gossip Girl treatment. It’s the least they could do to reward us for having to endure Sookie’s agonising over Bill or Eric. Give me a few great outfits to look at while I tune out their tired ass love triangle. T

For more from Paquin in FASHION, including her relationship with Sarah Burton and McQueen, pick up the magazine on newsstands May 21.