All over her gown. The gown was good. Especially the sleeves. It’s a good alternative to strapless and halter and tank. But then she cocked it up with those shoes. Those shoes on a different occasion, with a different dress, for sure. Those shoes the way she wore them – low classy all the way.

My mother (so politically correct) calls this the Mainland Effect. Hong Kong natives can be disparaging about the folks who come over from the rural areas in China. The Squawking Chicken loves ragging on a Chinese hick. The Chinese hick wears track pants and high heels. She rapes Louis Vuitton and has turned Coach into Nine West.

A Chinese hick took over Anna Paquin last night. That is some Chinese hick footwear. It is not elegant, it is not chic, it is not fashion forward. It is however very Christina Aguilera. Aggers does the Chinese hock all the time. With Anna Paquin you expect more.

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