Anna Wintour’s the one showing some smile teeth...but are they friendly or are they grinding themselves down? It’s time to play our favourite game - drawing conclusions based only on photos, and this time, maybe multiple choice?

A.Anna is drawing on every ounce of Britishness she has left in her, Dowager Maggie Smith styles. You suffer through the unsavoury and consider it charity.

B.Anna is drunk.

This is a really hard test. I don’t know which option to choose.

As for Victoria Beckham, mostly she’s trying to keep her chin at the right angle. Approaching 40, these things are important. She may also be wondering whether or not she should find out about the possibility of a Vogue cover and risk being shut down, her confidence shattered, just one day before the runway.

Victoria is showing today at NYFW. As is Katie Holmes. Will get those up as soon as they become available.