Those of you who’ve been visiting the site for a while have heard about this already. But it’s one of the best memories of my life. Lara – I miss you. I miss us getting completely rejected by Anna Wintour at the Costume Institute Gala in 2007. It’s moments like these that can bond you for life. Lara and I will always have Anna. It was the honour of a lifetime.

Perhaps it was a good thing then that we were not together, Lara and I, last night at the Met, to see both Anna and Bee Schaffer fail so miserably. And not even a fun, ironic, on purpose Fail like Anna’s superhero Chanel last year. This year was an unintended Fail. Unintentional Fails are the worst.

First Anna - the print, it sucks. And f-cks up the proportion. Weird mirror funhouse.

Then Bee. Oh Bee. Last year her dress was so overwhelming Andre Leon Talley had to personally escort her train up the stairs. This year… it’s like a Blake Lively reject. Anna Wintour’s daughter in what looks like a Blake Lively reject?!!!???!! Blasphemy!!!!

I don’t understand how this could come from Nina Ricci. Doesn’t seem possible. But it is. It was.

Every other girl at prom wants this dress, and the convenient slit, and Anna decided it was fit for her daughter on fashion’s most exciting night…? She’s lucky Karl declined. They would fight about this and he would win.

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