There’s a part in the trailer for The First Monday In May when Anna Wintour’s looking at the guest list and she has a bug up her ass about one person in particular. At first she’s like, I thought he wasn’t coming. When someone tells her that he changed his mind, Anna snipes:

“OK, can he not be on his cellphone the entire time then?”

It happens at 1:13 – video attached below.

So who was it?

Page Six is reporting that it’s Allison Williams’s husband, Ricky Van Veen (does this name annoy you as much as it annoys me?), even though they’ve not made the identity public in the film. VOGUE won’t reveal who Anna was talking about. They’ve released a statement to Page Six confirming only that “Ricky was a perfect guest, and we look forward to welcoming him back this year.” Yeah, he was a perfect guest because he was told in no uncertain terms by someone speaking on behalf of Anna Wintour that he had to stop Snapchatting every moment. I was about to write that OF COURSE it was a millennial but then I just checked and Ricky was born a year or two before millennial season officially begins. (By the way, have you heard about how the CEO of AMC just said in an interview that he’s considering allowing texting in theatres so as to keep them going to the movies?)

Attached - Allison Williams at the Sean Parker And The Parker Foundation launch of The Parker Institute For Cancer Immunotherapy Gala last night in Los Angeles.