It’s London Fashion Week. I’ve posted a few collections in LifeStyle. Click here to see. Yesterday was the Topshop presentation. Here’s a shot of the front row – from left to right: Anna Wintour, Sir Philip Green, Kate Moss, and her beguiling sister Lottie Moss. So, like, high level fashion people, right?

Well, on the other side of Anna, sits a Kardashian. The one that Harry Styles keeps dealing with. Sure, I could have bought a photo that included her face that really how you want me to spend my money? Many of you have written to me today to point out that fashion’s biggest bitch has lowered herself to the level of that family and whether or not that portends a VOGUE cover or worse.

According to US Weekly though, Anna pretty much turned away from the Kardashian soon after the photo of them looking to the same camera was taken. As you can see in the photos below, by her body language, she doesn’t seem to want to have anything to do with it. I particularly enjoy the shot I’ve attached first in this series. Her shoulders are facing front. Her head is turned as far away as possible. Oh but we’ve all been there, haven’t we?

What if Anna does give this Kardashian her blessing though? She walked for Marc Jacobs. She’s trying to make it as a model. And you could say it’d be the ultimate c-nt move if Anna anointed the sister instead of Kanye West’s girlfriend who wants it so bad, so bad, so bad. Not only would she be rejecting her, she’d be rejecting her in favour of her own blood. I’d consider that a master class in meangirling.