How bad is your passport photo? I’m only asking because no matter how bad yours is, I can promise you, mine is worse. It is horrific. Like… a Faces of Meth shot. I took it when I was 7-months pregnant, my face is splotchy, my hair is all thick and gross, no makeup and I got it in colour. WHY didn’t I go for black and white? I would just ditch it if it wasn’t such a pain to get a new one. And it lasts for FIVE YEARS!

You know who doesn’t have that problem? Anna Wintour. Because she had her friend and top photographer Mario Testino shoot her passport photos. (But who did the official photographer’s stamp on the back? That’s what I want to know.) If you’ve seen The September Issue (if you haven’t, download it this weekend), you’ll see that even Mario Testino, world-renowned fashion photographer, gets nervous in the presence of Wintour.

I bet she didn’t even need to ask. She probably just gave a withering stare and chucked her passport at her assistant, who then asked Mario’s assistant and of course Mario would just be honoured to shoot her passport photo. You aren’t allowed to smile in your passport photo (well, at least Canadian passports). I can assure you that wasn’t a problem for Anna.

And you know celebrities have to get their own passports right? They have to wait in line and do it like everyone else I think. Imagine being number 348 and Anna is number 349. Sitting next to her for four hours in a windowless room while she slathers on antibacterial hand cream and eyes all the chubby poors. Do you think she puts her handbag on the floor? No one can escape government bureaucracy, not even Anna Wintour. It’s kind of the ultimate equalizer.

You know this is going to start a trend; Posh is going to be asking Annie Leibovitz to shoot her driver’s license picture and Anna still won’t care.

Attached - Wintour at the LACMA Gala in LA on Saturday.

(Thanks to Emmy for the link)