She’s currently living through yet another cheating scandal and even if it’s a fraud, as they are so indignantly claiming, it doesn’t make it any less embarrassing, especially since the new alleged incident is bringing up memories of the old Loos incident. Remember when she used her scrunchie?

Posh’s favourite cliché mantra has always been “whatever doesn’t kill you will make you stronger”. Yes, eye roll, but what did you learn?

At least she has her friends. All kinds of friends. Suck uppy friends and mean girl friends. On the side of the sycophants, it’s none other than Ken Paves – is he responsible for her sh-tty new extensions? He was seated with her at the Galaxy game the other day, all supportive and sh-t now that he’s dumped my Porny. Bastard.

And then there’s Anna Wintour, that soulless hag, who makes me love her more and more with her brilliant bitch game. When asked last week in London whether or not Victoria Beckham would ever get her own US Vogue cover, Wintour replied:

“We’re big fans of Victoria so it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that we will put her on the cover.”

Keep hope alive so that you can keep crushing it.

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