Page Six ran a report today about how Lupita Nyong’o and Jared Leto might be checking each other because they went out for dinner the other night and also about how she and Chiwetel Ejiofor hooked up during filming of 12 Years A Slave but she ended it as soon as production was over. But this is not the story.

The story is Lupita at NY Fashion Week. EVERYONE wants to dress Lupita for the Oscars. So she was front row at Calvin Klein and seated beside… Anna Wintour. This is more important than whether or not she’s dealing with Jared Leto. Because Lupita is the Most Popular, not just with the boys but with the fashion bitches, and the biggest bitch in fashion, Anna Wintour. The chair assignment is never by accident. Anna sits where she wants to sit, where she demands to sit. And Photo Assumption says that Anna’s actually the one sidling up to Lupita. If Kanye West’s fiancée gets a f-cking VOGUE cover before Lupita Nyong’o, it might be time to send her the way of old ass Barbara Walters – retirement. Put that in her drink tonight. Compare her to Barbara Walters and let the Kanye West fiancée cover possibility die once and for all.