There are only 4 more chances to see Hugh Jackman in Concert in Toronto. One show tonight, two tomorrow, and the matinee on Sunday. Then... since Broadway is not yet confirmed...who knows.

As I’ve been telling you, over and over and over again, if you can get there, you need to make this happen. You need to go. Even Anna Wintour came.



Anna Wintour was in the audience last night at the Princess of Wales Theatre. She wanted to see what all the hype was about. As you know, Hugh’s performances in Toronto have attracted people from all over the world, including the people who make decisions about Broadway. After San Francisco, where he debuted the show, it was determined that some tweaking needed to be done. In Toronto, those improvements were fully showcased. To great approval. And now they’re saying a Broadway run is imminent though still being negotiated.

Anna’s verdict?

She gave him a standing ovation. Quite vigorously I’m told. I mean, she didn’t go full Twi-Hard on him or anything but she smiled with teeth, and was seen shaking her head in disbelief like, “What a wonderful, unparalleled entertainer!” That’s about as expressive as it gets with her. Anna was really into it.

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Attached – Anna and Hugh in New York at Fashion’s Night Out two years ago. And Hugh walking his dog yesterday in Toronto.

As for the video – this was sent in by a reader called Cindy who waited for Hugh after one of the shows last week. Gracious, generous, present, friendly as always, and then, at 2:20, he joins the sing-a-long.

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