Oh Posh.

Losing out to Blake Lively for a Vogue cover. And possibly Katherine Heigl. And now…perhaps the ultimate insult…

Shelf Ass Jessica Biel???

You see? This is the power of the Pipsqueak. This is why his Shelfy will never, ever, EVER let go. Because her movies tank, she isn’t working on anything, she’s a tv girl period, but still, after her boyfriend Justin Timberlake introduces her to Anna Wintour, suddenly Shelfy might cover Vogue.

Page Six is reporting that backstage at the William Rast show on Monday, Anna told Pips to tell his girlfriend to call her to discuss the possibility.

Will Anna actually make good on it?


Katherine Heigl has MiniVan appeal. Katherine Heigl will sell. This is why Anna had to lower herself to the Princess of AssTalk. It’s about moving copies. But Jessica Biel will not move copies. It’s inconceivable.

Still…Anna needs JT onside. So she has to be nice to his piece. And his piece’s publicist is brilliant for leaking it.

Because now, the mere fact that it’s out there, that Shelf is even being CONSIDERED for a Vogue cover, what a f-cking huge PR coup.

And Victoria Beckham is still waiting.

Photos from Gettyimages.com and Flynetonline.com