Annie Leibovitz just shot Adele for a spread in Vogue. Anna Wintour loved her so much – well… love is a strong word, Anna doesn’t love anything, let’s say enjoyed – Anna Wintour enjoyed her so much she’s also styling Adele for the Grammys this weekend.

Our girl Adele! Who eats. Who is not thin. Bless her she is not thin! And still Adele has suddenly found herself nestled in Anna’s pet nook. Never mind the 10 thousand Grammy nominations… Adele has arrived!

But what the f-ck does Posh have to do?

Anna Wintour has more time for Adele, the girl who is not thin – yay! – than Victoria Beckham who spends half her life posing, the other half practising posing, on the verge of an aneurysm she poses so hard with no food to sustain her.

Maybe Posh should eat?

No. Never.

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