It’s the anniversary of the time Anna Wintour told Lara and me with her eyes that we were beneath her, and would be forever. Click here if you were not reading this site back then. This meant more to us than any other validation in our lives.

In the end, Anna decided against Lindsay Lohan. But you can imagine how that piece of sh-t would have begged, non? Anna Wintour is not Woody Allen though. She is not Hollywood. She is not forgiving. Anna doesn’t risk second chances until they’re deserved. And even then only maybe. Besides, with everyone who was there last night, what could Lindsay Lohan possibly have added to that event? They didn’t need her. We really could all learn something from Anna’s style of decision-making.

Anna wore Prada. For her daughter, Bee Shaffer, she chose Erdem. What a great year it’s been for our Canadian Erdem. There were few prints last night at the Met Gala. I wonder if they just wanted to get out of his way. But Bee is looking more and more and more like her mother, isn’t she?