As you know, there is an art to BitchFace. When it’s delivered by the best, it is an honour to receive it. Lara and I have received Anna Wintour’s BitchFace. I wish the same for each and every one of you. Sienna Miller enjoyed some Anna Wintour BitchFace last night. Amazing, right?

The September Issue premiered in New York last night in New York, the highly anticipated documentary shot in 2007 during production of Vogue’s most substantial September Issue with Sienna on the cover. The film was a success at Sundance, with Anna as its centerpiece, an insider glimpse at how Vogue works, and more significantly how Anna makes Vogue work WITH Grace Coddington.

Oh yes. There’s frivolity and there’s delicious smutty fashion drama but at the heart of The September Issue is the conflicted, powerful, creative, and intriguing productive relationship between two strong women at the top of their games.

September opens in New York and LA August 28 and in selected cities on September 11.

It’s a famine of beauty!

Still my ringtone.

In case you missed it from my previous posts on the film – the trailer is below:

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