I’m not sure it was hard for her. And for any of the professional athletes doing it. Like, she nominated Roger Federer who sits in an ice bath after every tennis match. They all do.

But anyway, here’s Anna Wintour accepting her ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in response to her daughter Bee, and not to Gisele Bundchen, as noted in today’s open. So that way it’s not like she’s lowering herself to some model, no, she’s doing it for her kids!

You know what though?

That actually looks like a real smile. Of course they cut it off as soon as it’s poured so you can’t see what she’s like when she’s sopping wet.

OK. But we have to get to Brange and Clooney soon. Unless they’ve already put out the word through their people that they’ve given money and won’t be getting iced.