I know you’ll want to fight me when I say that I love what she’s wearing here, seen yesterday leaving lunch in Hollywood. It’s certainly not something that would appeal to my husband. Not at all. But then again, you know my thoughts on dressing for men vs dressing for women. To me, it’s a greater compliment when it’s coming from a girl.

She looks stylish and she looks elegant and she also looks really comfortable. Also a Kardashian would never wear it. More than a passing grade from me. And I can pretty much promise you Sasha’s hard for it right now. Sash? I can hear you.

So a year ago right now, Anne Hathaway was preparing to host the Oscars. Remember that? When she had to compensate for that f-cking loser James Franco who was too artistic to give a sh-t? Annie’s now preparing for Les Miserables. In between she’ll do a little promotion for a little movie called The Dark Knight Rises. And then, by the end of the year, we’ll see her again when Les Miserables opens during the holidays. At least that’s what they’re aiming for. I love a quick production schedule. Tom Hooper must be rather efficient. He’s also not interested in turning this into a 3D effort. Les Miserables will be old fashioned 2D.

"With a two-and-a-half hour film, I didn't want to make something that anyone might think 'That's not for me, because I don't like the medium'. I wanted to make a film that would touch everyone. I believe the story is so strong, 3D is not essential."

As you know, that’s not Baz Luhrmann’s philosophy. His interpretation of The Great Gatsby is a 3D full effect and, awesomely, will be released on Christmas Day this year... putting the two, at least for now, head to head at the box office.

Leo vs Hugh! Carey vs Annie!