Good Goddess - is it possible? Never mind the atrocities at the Globes and the SAGs. Never mind that she will likely take home the Worst Dressed award come Oscar as well. THIS, my friends, takes the cake. Because Anne Hathaway is hideous, seen here a couple of days ago during fashion week. Do I feel bad about trashing such an innocent young girl for something that is clearly beyond her control? Hell no. Because it"s NOT beyond her control. Once upon a time, Anne Hathaway looked normal. Once upon a time, she was actually fresh faced and more than a little fetching. If you don’t believe me, go rent the Princess Diaries. The recent uglification of Anne Hathaway can be attributed in part to a serious lack of nutrition and an even more serious lack of good taste which, combined with the aforementioned starvation diet, can lead to disastrous results. The disproportionate size of her ears and eyes frightens me. I can also see her mouth growing at an alarming rate, threatening to take over her head. In light of these monstrous developments, I"m actually quite happy about the greasy bangs. Because I shudder to think of how much more disturbing it would be if we could actually see her entire face.