Call it a draw on the dress – old lady at the opera, you know what I mean – though if we HAVE to choose, I suppose Emmy has a slight edge… b But what’s in a dress when the wearer makes you want to vomit sugar? Between the two, it’s Anne Hathaway all the way. And no, not because of Prada and not because of Brokeback, but mostly because she’s not That Girl. That Girl with her hand up at the front of the class, the answer ready for every question, and when right which of course is all the time, That Girl who turns around slyly, smug expression glued on to her face, snippy voice – That Girl knowitall who ended up being the meanest girl of all. THAT is Emmy Rossum. And THAT seems to be the word on the street these days. Rumour has it she’s a big bitch in J.Lo situations. Impossibly demanding during hair and makeup, will not hesitate to yell her arse off, will not hesitate to make the smallest person in the room feel even smaller just because she feels like it - allegedly of course. But still...Are you surprised? Emmy is That Girl. I’m telling you…Savoury over Sweet, every frickin’ time. Source