The colour. The fit. The back. The BACK! The shoulders. Did you see it move? I loved it like awesome.

We argued a lot at Duana’s last night. Lara would shout something, and I’d shout back, and Michelle would argue, and Duana would yell...

But we all agreed, as soon as we saw her, we all agreed it was Anne Hathaway.

This was the one, in a sea of sh-t, that we were waiting for.

The loose hair, the natural makeup…

Anne was no Annie. Anne was sexy and modern, Anne was fun, not cute, Anne was engaging but not obsequious, Anne was the best she’s been. More of this Anne then, especially at the Oscars.

And to think…

This is Armani Prive. Same as Megan Fox.

I suppose it’s like having two children with completely different personalities.

Speaking of Megan Fox. Um…click here. (Thanks Hez!)

Photos from Jason Merritt/ ROBYN BECK/Kevork Djansezian/