As mentioned earlier, Anne Hathaway will perform as part of the Les Miserables ensemble at the Oscars on Sunday. Annie sings again at the Oscars! She sang two years ago when she co-hosted with James Franco. She sang four years ago when Hugh Jackman hosted and pulled her up on stage. I always loved it when she talked-sang the line “Frank Langella was sitting next to me”.

Start at 3:55

As of this morning though, Hugh Jackman was still in New York, seen here with his wife and son walking to school. I’m assuming then that they don’t need that much rehearsal time? Annie and Hugh, no, they probably wouldn’t. Russell Crowe, on the other hand, does he need the rehearsal time...?

Here’s Anne last night at the Costume Designers Guild Awards. She has really great lips. I feel like we don’t talk about this enough. My prediction: you think you’ll be annoyed when Anne’s up there dreaming a dream (the number will probably be One Day More though, non?) but that will all be cured by Catherine Zeta-Jones.