Love this story. So Anne Hathaway gave an interview recently about love scenes, comparing her experience working with James McAvoy in Becoming Jane to that with Jake Gyllenhaal in Brokeback Mountain. With James it was like closed mouth only, as realistic as it gets without intimate knowledge of tongue and tonsils. Jake on the other hand insisted on authenticity during that delightful scene in the back of his car after the rodeo. Do you remember? She whipped off her top and it was – woah Annie! She does have lovely breasts, non? So they shoot it and he touches her shoulder and her back and her stomach and the director cuts the shot and she’s behind a screen getting dressed and Jake comes ‘round and asks her if she wouldn’t mind doing it again because “Annie, the thing is, in real life I would…” grab her tits. Of course she agreed. Which is why he groped her in the movie. In other words, in real life, when Jake is makin’ out with a girl, he goes for the girls. Kinda hot, don’t you think? If only he wore his pants properly he’d be instant Freebie Five. Source