Have you seen the new Oscar promo with Anne Hathaway and James Franco? I rather like it. A lot. I like their expressions at the beginning when they bump fists, especially his, like all Jersey Shore grease roid douche and sh-t. The sweatbands around the wrists are killing me. And she looks so cute when she’s screaming to camera as he tackles her.

Also, he doesn’t say, not once, that I WENT TO FILM SCHOOL. He does however show off some thigh thickness, both in the ad and in the promo shots that went out earlier this week. You do have to admire that he’s not so vain that he made them photoshop his legs. But dude, that’s a lot of Jonas happening below the waist.

In other Oscar news, Hugh Jackman was confirmed as a presenter yesterday. Perhaps then an Annie-Hugh reunion, this time with her pulling him up on stage? I’m actually quite looking forward to it. More than I was looking forward to Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin last year. Because if it’s fresh and entertaining, we all win. And if it’s a disaster and sucks big sh-t, we all win too.