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Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 9, 2011 08:17:15 August 9, 2011 08:17:15

I was about write, “Why didn’t they premiere this in London”, and then I realised that would be a really bad idea right now. As a brief break from London burning though, have a look at this photo of Ealing and the #riotcleanup.

Last night over in New York, Anne Hathaway’s really small waist showed up in an Alexander McQueen dress alongside Jim Sturgess for the premiere of One Day. God I love him. And I know I will love him as Dex. Complicated, selfish, tragic dickhead Dex. Have you seen the 5 clips? They’ve released 5 clips from the movie and Collider combined them all into one player, yay! He is Dex in all 5. It’s very encouraging. As for Anne...

I hear you on her accent. But there’s something she does with her legs in the first scene in the compilation below, how she shuffles them awkwardly when they first meet, right at the beginning, that is so very Emma it gives me a little hope. Also when they’re in the water and she, for a second, the look on her face, she believes him...

Anne is very good at that look. And while most of her in these clips is certainly weak, it’s that look that keeps me optimistic. But I know I cut Anne a lot more slack than some are inclined to. It’s just... I can’t fully start sh-tting on it at least until I’ve seen it. If I start sh-tting on it before I’ve seen it, I might not be able to climb back out.

One Day opens next Friday up against Conan, Fright Night, and Spy Kids. I mean, I *think* it should do ok, right? For the people who don’t have kids, who don’t give a sh-t about grunting giants and teens fighting camp vamps....? Or is there even an audience for that anymore?

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