Anne Hathaway is engaged to Adam Shulman. One photographer was able to get clean shots of them and, most importantly, the ring in the park the other day in New York. It was a beautiful autumn day. The dog was with them. They were dressed casually but complimentarily, not too matchy matchy but also not clashy either. And, of course, totally oblivious to the fact that they were being photographed, right?


Annie would never set up pap shots, please. Don’t be ridiculous. She also totally doesn’t care if Christian Bale’s heard about it yet. Maybe she told him at work.

So if this is how we’re kicking off this engagement, how might it end when the wedding comes around? Hathaway is favoured among designers. The dress will be a thing. Photographing it will be a thing. A Vogue cover? Perhaps.  Valentino or Marchesa?