Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal spent the weekend in Sydney promoting the movie. A reader there called Aphrodite K hit up the premiere and wrote me the cutest email with her observations.

Today, December 6 2010, I had my first (brief, glorious) encounter with Jake Gyllenhaal, more affectionately known as Jakey G. But first came Anne Hathaway. I've not been kind to Annie in the past. I've been scathing in fact. But when she's standing in front of you, breathtakingly stunning, it's hard to remember why I hated her. Re-applying her lipgloss right in front of me and looking downright radiant she was sweet and obliging and gosh-darn cute (and TINY). As she was first up the red carpet, there was still quite a bit of anticipation for Jakey though. So a lot of the crowd were shouting for him.

So Annie joined in. Out of nowhere, in the middle of the red carpet, in the midst of signing endless autographs, Anne Hathaway began screaming at the top of her lungs "JAKE! JAKE! JAAAAAAKE!!!!" Joining in with the crowd or scared and swamped (did I mention she's tiny? Also, there were so many people around her) I don't know, it was hilarious.

And then as if by magic, he appeared. And it's true, your pants really do evaporate. I am 22 years old but 14-year-old fangirl me reappeared today and I could barely hold my iPhone still to take a picture. He is gooorgeous in person, the bluest baby blues and always that smug grin.

He's much more suave in real life compared to the goofball we sometimes see in interviews. Also, SEXY. Very sexy, and quite rugged also. This surprised me. Now I'm just rambling.

MY POINT IS, the whole thing was about an hour behind schedule and the management people were trying their best to hurry him down the carpet but Jakey would not go. In fact, he did not leave until he had signed something for every single person who had something they wanted him to sign (be it on a giant movie poster or a bus ticket) and in fact started to go back DOWN the red carpet when somebody unravelled a huge Donnie Darko poster the he felt compelled to sign. I know everyone always says he's so charming and amiable and sexy but it really blows you away in person. I'm still buzzing.

The premiere photos are attached. The press conference photos are also attached from earlier. Do not approve of Jakey’s shirt and jeans combination. He was on the phone with someone heading over there though. Swifty?

Well, speaking of Swifty, apparently they will both be in London for work later this week. We’ll see if they manage to squeeze in another hookup. Here’s something to think about though. While in Sydney, Jakey met up with The Edge from U2 for lunch. What would it have been like if Taylor had tagged along?

Also...Annie took advantage of her down time to do a little shopping. The floppy hat and the dress are cute, but check out these shoes. They’re a good idea, I agree, yes. But they make her feet look HUGE.

Photos from and and Blue Wasp/Snapper Media/ and Brendon Thorne/